Speed Week Review…………….Finally!!

Our Bonneville adventure started with tech inspection on Thursday 11th of August. After flying through with no issues the team had a day off on Friday.
Paul went for his ” rookie” run on Saturday after the drivers meeting and rookie orientation. On this run he had to keep his speed between 125&149 mph, he ran 144.570mph. He then decided to go for his first record MPS-BG which stood at 149.80mph he ran 167.134 mph. We were straight to impound overnight. Next morning at 7am we were escorted back to the rookie course for his record pass which he ran at 167.134mph. Back to impound to get bore and stroke measured and engine sealed before the record of 172.348 mph was confirmed. Number one in the bag! Monday we went to the “short” course to attempt record number 2 MPS-BF. We ran at 11.10 back in impound at 11.35am. The record stood at 132.905mph he ran 174.082mph. Back up run on Tuesday morning, having been escorted again to the course by officials. Record run of 176.335mph again to tech where a record of 175.206 was confirmed. Record Number 2!
Tuesday afternoon Paul decided to attempt M-BF the unfaired class. That record stood at 132.905 mph. We ran at 2.02pm with a down speed of 178.131 back in impound by 2.30pm. Wednesday morning saw a very tired team roll out of bed at 5am to head back to the salt to attempt the back up run. Back in tech at 8.03 am having run a speed of 183.931 mph. Number 3 in the bag!
On Thursday morning we changed class again to run M-BG Paul set a speed of 143.842mph but he wasn’t happy with the bike so we decided not to impound. Safety of our rider is paramount at all times.
Friday morning saw us crawl from our beds totally exhausted to try again. This time his speed was 161.057 so back to impound. As today was the last day of racing we had to do the back up run midday. Return run speed of 172.868 gave us record number 4! We returned to impound to rapturous applause from the officials, hugs and tears all round. The last record was set at 166.962. Paul was the last bike to run in 2016.
Job Done.
A very tired but happy and content team are very proud to be returning home to the Isle of Man with 4 World Motorcycle Land Speed Records.
We came out here after 2 years of disappointment with our sights set on 4 records and we achieved our goal. The 200mph club was never in our sights but could so easily have been achieved, but the old girl did well and we didn’t want to kill her off completely!!
Paul and I(Ann) would like to thank our amazing team of Bob, Laura, Ameil and Cookie for all their hard work and support in ridiculously high temperatures.
To our Sponsors,friends and family who have supported us from start to finish………….Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.

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With the start of Bonneville Speed Week 2016 only 25 days away,team members,Paul, Ann, Bob, Laura, Ameil and Cookie are preparing for the trip to the USA. Our other team members will meet us in the US. Transport for the team and bike is all arranged as is accommodation for the team in one of the West Wendover hotels. The Salt is looking extremely good after 2 years of being rained off, forecasted temperatures for the next 10 days range between 36&38oC or in old money between 95&101oF. We will of course keep everyone updated before we go and whilst we are there on our progress.
A link to the live stream from Bonneville will be posted on here as soon as it becomes available.

Once again we are going to get there and hopefully this time we may even get to challenge a record or two………..and its about time too.

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Speed Week 2016

With just about 5 weeks left until Bonneville Speed week 2016, the team are set to go. All flights and accommodation have been booked, as is transport for the bike and team members.
Of course there will be last minute jobs to do…….there always are.
The SCTA (Southern Californian Timing Association) have been on the salt this week….and it looks promising.
They (SCTA) have reported back that there is an 8 mile long course, a 5 mile short course & a 3 mile Rookie course.

Now we pray that Mother Nature gives us a break this year and cooperates by keeping the rain away.

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