Lonan Gentlemen's Fellowship Sponsors' Club Constitution

This Constitution replaces the provisional constitution used to initially form the club and which will become defunct on the adoption of this document.

  1. The Club shall be called The Lonan Gentlemens’ Fellowship Sponsors' Club, (hereafter referred to as the LGFSC).
  2. The primary purpose of the LGFSC is to raise funds to support the Lonan Gentlemens’ Club (hereafter referred to as the LGF) in their pursuit of world land speed records at Speed Week 2014, Bonneville, USA.
  3. The LGFSC will be made up of Ordinary Members and Honorary Members.
  4. Ordinary members will pay a joining fee of £25 minimum (including costs) and have full voting rights on all matters brought before a General Meeting. Honorary Members may be appointed, but will have no voting rights, unless they choose to become an Ordinary Member by paying the joining fee.
  5. A Committee will be appointed by ballot, consisting of :- a Chairperson, a Deputy Chairperson, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Membership Secretary, An Events Co-ordinatortwo Assistant Membership Secretary’s and three Committee Members. All positions are voluntary and unpaid. A Member may hold more than one executive position.
  6. Decisions will be made on the basis of a majority vote. No Member will have the right of veto. In the event of a tied decision the Chairman will have the Casting vote.
  7. Committee meetings will be held as required and minutes recorded by the Secretary. A set of condensed minutes will be made available to non Committee Members via the Members page on the LGFSC website as soon as reasonably practical. The Committee may exercise discretion in reporting sensitive issues.
  8. All monies raised and expended must be for goods and services related to the 2014 Bonneville Challenge and must be previously approved by the Committee. Where an urgent decision has to be made only the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer jointly can approve the expense, provided they are in full agreement. The decision will then be put to the Committee at the next ordinary meeting for Committee approval.
  9. No monies raised by the LGFSC may be used for Members personal expenses e.g. Air travel, accommodation, meals etc.
  10. All monies raised must be accounted for formally and receipts held for monies expended. All records must be kept up to date and be available at each Committee meeting when the Treasurer will give a financial report. A small cash float may be held for office expenses only. All other monies must be banked.
  11. At the conclusion of the World Record Attempt in 2014 and provided that no further attempt is to be undertaken by the LGF, the LGFSC will disband and any monies remaining, after the discharge of all debts and payments, will be given to a charity supportive of motorcycle racing, their riders, their rescue, or recovery and will be chosen by the Members at the closing AGM.