Bonneville Speed Week 2014

Bonneville Speed Week 2014 will be upon us before we know it and we will be there!

During 2012, the Lonan Gentlemen’s Fellowship made the journey from Lonan on the Isle of Man to Bonneville in search of a new motorcycle land speed world record. Situated in the Salt Flats of Utah, 'Bonneville Speed Week' attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world who want to take advantage of the unique racing conditions - we’re no exception.

Lonan Gentlemen’s Fellowship Smashed Two World Records

We are a small team of motorcycle enthusiasts from a tiny island Parish who built a bike that smashed two world land speed records in Bonneville during 2012 and now we’re at it again!

Lonan Gentlemen Salt Flats

We have the passion and commitment needed to ensure that when we travel back to the Bonneville Speed Week 2014 in Utah we will approach the record breaking opportunity with the same dedication and enthusiasm as we did the first time around, giving ourselves and our supporters something we can all be proud of.

Following our success at Bonneville Speed Week 2012 we are currently in the early stages of building a brand new Isle of Man motorcycle for the 2014 event as well as reconfiguring the 500 Manxman, our two time winner from last year.

Collectively, both the race team and the motorcycle sponsors’ club committee have been involved in racing throughout our entire lives and we have years of experience with bikes, whether riding, racing, building or watching them.

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